Leesburg, Virginia

GCM Class of 1973 50th Reunion

George C. Marshall House Tour

Saturday September 30, 2023

Tour Fee: $12 per person

Join us for this intimate and compelling tour of George C. Marshall’s beloved home in downtown Leesburg, VA. Our 75 minute tour will take place mid-morning Saturday. Depending on interest of participants we might follow the tour with lunch in Leesburg and/or join other classmates at a winery or brewery meet-up near Leesburg.

You are registering with and paying the GCM Class of 1973. We will in turn will secure tickets with the Marshall House when they become available. We want to secure tickets early so that we have control over our tour times. Saturdays are open to the public, so please register with us now.  Tours are conducted every half hour. We are aiming for tours that begin at 10:30 am and 11:00 am, and we would like to fill these two tours with just our people.

Home of General George C. Marshall and his wife Katherine, the Marshall House (formerly known as Dodona Manor) was the beloved residence of one of the most important and consequential persons in the 20th century. From this home General Marshall would serve as Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, President of the American Red Cross, and receive the Nobel Peace Prize. It was also during this time that he would craft the Marshall Plan for the rebuilding of post WWII Europe.

Virtual Tour of Marshall House