1973 seems like a whole world away. Color TVs were pretty new, phone booths on every corner, Shakey’s Pizza, Farrells Ice Cream Parlor & Hot Shoppe’s Jr. were favorite hang outs.

When measured by decades, so much can change. College, marriage(s), kids, multiple houses, perhaps even more careers. Add greying hair (or less hair), knees that hurt, grandkids, the loss of loved ones . . well, so much can change.

Staying in touch with the people who affected us when we were young, the people who were there before all that would transpire in our lives, is so important, but often neglected.

This site is dedicated to those friendships. Please stay in touch . . with them, with us. 


Leesburg, VA

Great Tour


1971 “Remember The Titans” Football

Game Film

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