It does not matter if you are a seasoned golfer,  a novice or a rookie, TopGolf is just fun. Join our group for an afternoon of entertainment, friendly competition, and great food. Admission includes two hours of TopGolf along with a buffet lunch and unlimited soft drinks. Alcoholic beverages are available to purchase.

Cost:  $65 

For more information please contact Joe Kelliher.

Register by 12-31-17 and receive one free beer while at TopGolf.

TopGolf Registration

Questions about the TopGolf Event: 

1. I do not want to play. Can I just come and hang out? 

       TopGolf has an indoor bar/restaurant for non-golfers. Depending on where we will be you may or may not be able to watch, but TopGolf discourages having non-participants hanging out in the bays with players.


2. What is the proper attire for TopGolf? 

No dress code. Being summer, shorts would probably be best.


3. I have never played golf before, so I am guessing it would be a bad idea for me to sign up? 

     Nice try, but no, TopGolf is fun regardless of your skill (or lack of skill). Maybe visit a driving range to practice hitting a golf ball so you know what to expect; but really, don’t worry about it. You’ll be fine.


4. What about clubs? 

    TopGolf provides a variety of clubs or you can bring your own.


5. So when do we eat lunch? 

    The buffet will be set out by our bays at 1:30 pm. Grab some food and play TopGolf while you eat.