Reunion Questions/FAQ

1.  Why did the committee decide on a fall date for the reunion?

Not exactly sure how August became our go to month for past reunions, but some of it had to do with venue availability and pricing. Fall is typically a busy wedding season while August usually is not. The fall is such a great time of the year around Virginia, and time wise we were ahead in the venue scheduling game. We thought this would be a welcomed change for this reunion.

2. Why Maggianos?

We had our 30th reunion at Maggianos and the response back then was very favorable. Maggianos does a really nice job, their food is consistently very good, they are reasonably priced compared to other venues, and there is very low risk of them going out of business before our reunion. Many nearby schools, including Marshall, have used Maggianos for their class reunions. As we did our research we continually heard great feedback about their experience with Maggianos. It's a great venue.

3.  Did you consider a country club or somewhere that we could be outdoors?

Many venues, like country clubs, are priced out of our range. Westwood Country Club in Vienna for example would have meant a ticket price of over $225. If we knew for certain a year and a half ahead that there was zero chance of rain we might have been able to book something under the stars. But if it ended up raining . . “who’s bright idea was this?”  Our hope is that people will take advantage of our additional activities during the reunion weekend for outdoor gatherings.

4. Why not just meet up at a brewery and have people order off of a menu?

We did give that some thought. The pros are that people can order off a menu and chose between a $15 entree vs a $35 entree. The cons are that reunions are usually pretty fluid. People mill around and visit. With that kind of movement it is difficult to expect a restaurant to keep track and run tabs on people. So, interesting concept but difficult to implement.

5. Why not use a firehall or community center, or even some historic house?

We looked into a few places. The problem with just about all of these kind of venues is that they can often require a fair amount of work to turn a white cinder block room with florescent lighting into something “special”. Plus there is the teardown and cleanup afterwards. As for historic locations, they can be expensive and usually do not have enough indoor space, which usually means putting up a tent. All of this adds up in costs and headaches.

6.  When will we know about the pricing for the reunion?

Pricing will be announced probably in early December 2022. Without getting into the weeds regarding numbers, we aim to price tickets in a way that we hope will cover our costs. If everything goes perfectly we will end up after the reunion with $0 in our account (that of course would be after purchasing new iPhone 14 Pros for reunion committee members). As you know prices are kind of fluid in 2022, so we are waiting as long as possible so we have a better idea of what our costs will be in 2023.

7.  Will there be an early bird special price like previous reunions?

Yes. There will be a one time only early bird special that will run for a period of time at the end of 2022.

8.   I want to come to the reunion but I am on a fixed income and a very tight budget. Is there a price break for someone in my position?

We are raising funds for people in situations like this. We want you to be there. How much we raise and how many people could use some help will determine how much we can help. Please note: anyone asking for assistance will be kept confidential with just our reunion committee of four. Assistance is only for GCM Class of 1973 graduates and applies only to the ticket price (not travel or accommodations).

9. Is the reunion just for Marshall Class of 1973 graduates or can other Marshall classes and/or guests come as well?

Our reunion is open to guests and to Marshall grads from other years than 1973.

10. Is there a deadline for getting the group rate at Embassy Suites?

Yes, to get our group rate please make your reservation by Tuesday August 29, 2023. You can cancel your reservation no later than 72 hours prior to your intended arrival to avoid cancellation charges.

11. Do people on the reunion committee buy their own reunion ticket?

Yes, we always have purchased our own tickets.