50th Reunion Registration Form

Pricing Information

Full Price - $120

There are 3 ways you can pay for your reunion ticket: 1) check, 2) digitally (without fees), or 3) credit card (with fees). Our Registration Payment Page has more information about paying digitally (Venmo, Apple Cash, Zelle, Google Pay, or PayPal) or by check.

To finalize your registration you must make payment.

If you are paying by check you can fill out the online registration form below (preferred) or download a paper registration form. We highly encourage using the online registration form because it should be easier for you to fill out and it is much easier for us when adding your entries into our database.

If you are paying digitally (without service fees), after you fill out the online registration form below you will be redirected to our Payment Page to complete registration.

If you are paying by credit card (with service fees), the online registration form below will prompt you for your credit card information at the end.

Read the following disclaimers prior to filling out the Registration Form

Disclaimer 1 (Refunds of ticket price): Our policy has always been no refunds on reunion ticket purchases. As the reunion gets closer we need to make financial decisions and commitments that are based on ticket sales. The potential of a number of people purchasing a reunion ticket with the idea that they can always cancel and get a refund puts us in the untenable position of financially falling short of our commitments, which leaves the committee responsible for financially making up the difference. We trust that classmates understand we are not a large business that can absorb refunds. This refund policy also applies to anyone who purchases a ticket but does not show up for the reunion. You can transfer or sell your ticket to someone else. Of course refunds will happen if the reunion is unable to occur for reasons beyond our control (think Covid).

Disclaimer 2 (Refunds of unused money donated to our Reunion Assistance Fund): We are raising funds to help classmates who might not be able to afford the purchase of a reunion ticket. The reunion committee has no idea how much demand there will be for financial assistance, nor do we have any idea how much money will be contributed to the fund. If there are no requests for assistance we will do our best to refund donations made to the fund. At the same time we do not want to be in a position of writing and mailing $5 or $10 checks if we can help it.

Here is our plan if there are no requests for assistance: we will refund any contribution of $20 or more, either by check or by digital means. Any contribution less than $20 will only be refunded if we have a digital method (as described on the Registration Payment Page) for making the refund to the contributor. If we do have requests for assistance but are left with a balance in the fund, we will make a decision regarding refunds based on the account balance and whether it realistically makes any sense to provide partial refunds to contributors. If we decide not to bother with refunds in this case, any balance in the fund will go toward reunion expenses.